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As a fully TSA accredited IAC (Indirect Air Carrier) and a IATA endorsed agent, we are equipped to handle your airfreight shipment from any origin to any destination worldwide.
We specialize in the following airfreight services:
Designed Global Airfreight (IATA Direct Service)
Our airfreight services are designed to fit your specific needs. Unlike the "big-box stores" of forwarding, we analyze your needs and provide you with a program that's custom tailored to your situation.
NFO Express (Next Flight Out)
We provide a true Next Flight Out Service on a worldwide basis. When transit time is not just important but critical, then our NFO Express service may be right for you. We put your cargo on the next possible flight out, AND we ensure someone is there at the other side to clear and deliver your shipment to its final destination.
Air Cargo Consolidation
Our scheduled, reliable air-cargo consolidations service more than 200 of the most popular destinations worldwide. With consolidations departing, on average, twice a week, your cargo benefits from fast transit times coupled with lower cost airfreight rates.
Aircraft Charters - Full- and Part Charter
Charter Services, whether full or part charter, are a routine part of our operations. With access to any size aircraft at very short notice, call on SLI for all your chartering needs. Not sure if charter is for you? Let us do a free, no obligation analysis for you.
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